Sailing Yacht Charter

We will provide the highest level of professional service through a 24/7 concierge staff that will fully serve all your needs to make your luxurious trip as comfortable as possible. To ensure your utmost comfort and enjoyment, the most suitable and experienced crew will be selected for your needs and desires. Through our extensive experience in the industry we have mastered the key for your full satisfaction during this yachting journey. Your gulet will be like having your own private island that would provide a total freedom for you and your loved ones to enjoy the world’s most beautiful and peaceful places at your own pace and away from crowds. Sailing a luxury yacht charter by Royals yacht in the clear and blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas will be a safe and serene voyage to discover many idyllic Turkish islands.

Royals yacht offers an unforgettable romantic trip for a couple, an enjoyful family vacation on pristine beaches under sunny skies or unspoiled nature reserves or historic harbours full of antiquities in the picturesque Turkish coastline. Our location based in Marmaris, Turkey is in close reach to some of the most desirable destinations within the eastern Mediterranean region, including the fascinating bays of Göcek, Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, and the neighbouring islands. Operating within the blue water industry since 1988 we have extensive experience in consulting, sailing, gulet charter, and luxury yacht charter throughout the Turkish Riviera and islands. Royals yacht is one of the prime yachting company in Turkey fully engaged in Luxury Yacht Chartering and management. The company staffed totally with professionals is based in Marmaris, Turkey, offering luxury yacht charter services with MYBA contracts. Our professionally trained crew will provide all necessary services with Turkish hospitality on a 24/7 basis to fully ensure your satisfaction.

In all of our Luxury Charter Yachts and Gulets, we serve gourmet mediterranean food while you enjoy cruising to various destinations at your comfort.